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Prissy Kind played by Erin Huffman (vocals, percussion) is a vocalist who has a background in theatre, and is also a perfomer with Pocket Change and Black Slaney.

Butch MaxwellDavid Boney played by Butch Maxwell (bass, vocals, harmonica) He was a founder member of Teaser, whose single "Welcome to the Future" heralded the 1980s New Wave era with a regional hit and was featured as the lead track on WDVE-FM's first Pittsburgh Rocks album. A member of the improvisation group The Left of Centre Players, he is also a founder and director of the theatrical comedy company, Mystery Theatre Unlimited.

Ken NeelQuentin Peel played by Ken Neel (bass, vocals) He has been in dozens of Ohio Valley bands, ranging from rock to country to polka, including Shadow Ryders, Strait Shooter, American Floyd Zeppelin and Wild Heart. He was also a member of the White Collar Criminals.

Gregg MolnarReggie Rudo played by Gregg Molnar (guitar, vocals) He has been a member of Easy Street, American Floyd Zeppelin, Adrian Niles Band, Brett Cain Band, Smoke Daddy and the Crawfish, Hit Play, Kick the Penguin and Framework. He also currently performs as a solo artist and with Sugar Rush.

Sean GeeryThe Curve played by Sean Geery (keyboard, vocals) was a member of the American Floyd Zeppelin band and the White Collar Criminals.

Tommy ShockTommy Shock played by Tommy Brannan (drums, vocals) He's played in bands such as Tatoo'd Rose, the Word, Mean Mr. Mustard, Brannan & Waters and Teaser. He also sometimes plays with the band Frequency.